The Club of PEP is a student run organisation representing all students studying under the School of PEP (Politics, Economics and Philosophy) and everyone in the school is automatically a member of the Club. The Club exists to provide a clear identity for PEP students, bringing them together and enhancing their experience outside the classroom through social, academic and career oriented events. Feel free to follow the links to see what we have been up to and what we have planned for the next academic year 2015-16.

For prospective students, congratulations on your offers and we look forward to meeting you in October! One of the things which makes the Club of PEP so fantastic at York is the parenting scheme we host, so every fresher has a ‘family’ of second and third year parents to help them settle in to university life. We will also be having a HUGE PEP Freshers’ Week in October, so freshers can immediately meet their coursemates. A second hand book sale will take place in the first couple of weeks to snap up key textbooks for price savvy students (particularly for the big economics texts). Make sure you join our Facebook and Twitter pages for up to date posts from the Club and its members!

For current students we hold regular committee meetings that are open to anyone in the Club and for details of when these meetings are occurring please email Veronica (Club Secretary). The Club of PEP has such a huge variety of events it would be a shame not to get involved, if you have questions please look at our contacts page to get our email addresses and ask away.

We hope you enjoy browsing the site,

Oliver Angove and Izzi Graham

Presidents, 2015-16